"Sound healing, while fairly new to me, has become one of my most cherished methods of going deep within. Angelica has such a special gift and true healing capabilities that she facilitates through her sound therapy sessions. Replenishing and rejuvenating our energy through cleansing and balancing of the Chakras is crucial to our human body. I am thankful and grateful for Angelica drawing me to this healing method and her incredible ability to connect with each individual on a deeper level through her sound healing sessions"


John Rodriguez Jr.

“Angelica’s sound bath session was beautiful and got all my cosmic juices flowing.  For me her sound bath session was very healing and deep, I was feeling the energetic movement for days afterward and it’s an amazing way to help balance and ground myself so that I can relax and let go of all things that seem to get in the way throughout my day and week.  If you’ve not experienced an intention focussed sound bath session I would give it a try, I love it!!!  

Patrick Perrigo

Ashlye Hylton Washington

“Angelica is a talented and gifted energy worker and the sound bath session I had with her was incredible.  Intention focussed, this medium is perfect to round out my weekly meditations and self-care work and I highly recommend a session with Angelica!  

  Virginia Martin.


"I highly recommend this experience, I had my first session and I loved it. I cant wait for my next session with Angelica .I truly enjoyed my first sound bath it resonated deeply in my mind and body, super relaxing.You have to truly experience this beautiful vibrations"


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